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Intensive In-Community Service (IIC) is an analytical, focused goal oriented, and needs based clinical intervention that addresses emotional and behavioral challenges of youth with moderate to high needs. It may be provided in a youth’s home or in an amenable community location by a licensed behavioral health clinician and is intended to stabilize and support the youth and family in an effort to deter more intensive interventions and to support the youth and family in collaboration with the Child Family Team (CFT) or identified support system. This is a short-term, solution focused intervention that addresses presenting behaviors resulting in the youth and her/his family/care giver/guardian gaining insight and improving function at home and in the community. Youth and families are eligible to receive Intensive In-Community Services if they are receiving Care Management, MRSS services, and as part of the Transitional Planning process from OOH treatment back to the community, through the NJ Children’s System of Care.


Behavioral Assistance is comprised of specific, outcome-oriented interventions that are components of an approved, written, detailed plan of care prepared by a licensed clinical behavioral healthcare practitioner. Behavioral Assistance providers address specific target behaviors. Behavioral Assistance services help the family and youth to develop and practice healthy and positive coping strategies and techniques. The intervention focuses on addressing target behaviors and improving overall emotional, behavioral regulation abilities. Youth who respond positively to Behavioral Assistance Services should exhibit sustainable positive behavioral changes that reflect improved daily functioning, enhance the quality of life and strengthen skills in a variety of life domains.

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Respite services are designed to provide supervision so families caring for children, family members or any individual with developmental disabilities can rest and recharge while the needs of the family member are met by our trained team members. Respite care services through Dream Mental Health Services offers respite services with a unique therapeutic approach within the home or their community and providers these services throughout the State of New Jersey.


Parenting coaches, also known as parent educators, are trained to help parents understand and address common parenting issues, such as discipline and communication. Parenting coaches can also provide guidance during adoption, divorce, family trauma, and many other life changing experiences.

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